The Advantages Of Window Awnings

Awnings are a quick way to add charm and beauty to any window. They help allow you to control the access of light and heat to your home or RV. Window awnings can reduce temperatures inside your home by 8-15 degrees in warm weather.

They also prevent your drapes and carpet from fading due to sunlight. Awnings can significantly reduce your cooling costs in the summer, and provide shade to keep lighting even throughout the day.

Most modern awnings are made of synthetic fabrics such as acrylic and polyester. This means that they're resistant to fading, light and water damage, and mildew. Synthetic awning fabrics can be cleaned with anti-mildew chemicals such as bleach, without damaging the fabric.

They can also be washed with a hose as part of a regular cleaning regimen. This is important, to keep dirt and debris from building up on your awning. Fire retardant treatments are also available for your awning fabric. These treatments mean it's easy to keep your awning in good shape without much maintenance.

When you have your awnings installed, you will have the choice between stationary awnings or retractable ones. If you think that you might want to fold your awning back for a while, a retractable one can be a good choice. You get to control how much sun you want to enter your windows.

Retractable awnings come in manual and motorized types. Deluxe, motorized models can be extended and retracted with the simple flick of a switch. This makes it easy to control the amount of light and heat that passes through your window. Light and heat sensors are even available, to automatically retract your awning when you're not home.

Awnings can also be purchased with aluminum, fiberglass, polycarbonate, and steel shades. These are only available as fixed awnings, because they do not retract properly. They are, however, more durable than fabric awnings, leading some people to prefer these rigid types of materials to shade their windows. One thing that many people like about this kind of awning is that there is no danger of collapse under the weight of snow. This makes them popular in harsh climates.

No matter what kind of awning you choose for you windows, these shading devices are a great way to add charm to your home, while controlling the climate inside. Awnings can increase your home's value, reduce your cooling costs, and even reduce solar heating inside the home up to 70%. If you would like a classic, attractive way to control the heat and light in your home, consider awnings for your windows.