Shutters And Awnings - A Beautiful Combo

Earlier, awnings were mostly used as just a protection from the rain or sun for houses. However, the humble awning has since come a long way and is no more a mere object that provides shade or shelter. Today, an awning adds elegance, beauty and style to one's home or building.

Installing an awning over a window, patio or balcony can greatly enhance the beauty of any home. Awnings are also useful when it comes to cutting out solar heat gain and cutting down on utility expenses.

Home awnings are available in wide variety of sizes, colors, styles, materials as well as different functions. Depending on where you want to install them and how you want to use them, awnings are of two main types; these are- Stationary and Retractable.

Small size home awnings are used mostly for their decorative effect and have little functional value. This means that if you want an awning that actually provides shade, you would be best served to go for one that is medium or large in size. When choosing the color of your home awning, it is advisable to pick one that has a light color, apart from choosing one that matches your home, so that not only does it block sunlight but it also reflects it back, thereby further reducing solar heat gain.

As far as styles are concerned, some of the more popular home awning styles going around these days are the traditional awning with closed sides, traditional with open sides, the double bar standard, the dome, the quarter barrel, waterfall, the semi circular entrance and the gable walkway. The style of home awnings, to some extent also depends on the material they are made of.

Home awnings are usually made of either outdoor fabric or aluminum. Although, the ones made of outdoor fabric are available in a wide range of colors and styles, they do require much more maintenance compared the aluminum awnings. The aluminum awnings on the other hand are much sturdier, require little maintenance, but have limited color and style options.

Homeowners may also choose between stationary and retractable home awnings depending upon their design or functional requirements.

Stationary home awnings as the name suggests are fixed, whereas Retractable and Roll-up home awnings allow you to let the sun shine into your home when you want it. Retractable awnings are especially good for patios or decks and they usually have some sort of mechanism or a motor that for ease in retraction. Some of the latest models even have sun and wind sensors that automate retraction.

Now, although retractable awnings are convenient in most cases, they are susceptible to getting damaged under heavy rain, snow or wind. However, there is no such problem with stationary home awnings. Homeowners recognize the multiple benefits of installing awnings, and that is the reason why home awnings have gained immense popularity over the last decade.

Today there are thousands of awning companies doing brisk business and the competition is fierce. And this is good news for you because you can avail superb deals on multiple awnings or deep discounts on a single piece. You can shop for home awnings by getting in touch with your local installers to find out if they have any discounts on offer and then compare the rates.

To put it simply, home awnings are a must have for any home owner who wants to add that extra bit of style and flair to his house without sacrificing functionality.