Jazz Up Your RV With Attractive Awning Treatments

When you're on the road, your RV is your home away from home, and you should make sure it's just as comfortable! RV awnings are a great way to customize your rolling home and are both practical and attractive. An awning is practical in that it extends the area that you can use when the RV is parked. It gives you shade in the bright sunlight and provides shelter in the event of a rainstorm. While the inside of an RV can get close and stuffy, the area outside and under an awning is both protected and airy.

First you should decide where you want to put the awnings. A slide-own awning can protect the slide out roof from damage, while window and door awnings are attractive additions that give you shade over the openings of your RV. Door and window awning can reduce glare and turn a plain RV into a little palace. One of the most attractive things you can do with an awning regarding an RV, however, is make yourself a little patio area. With even a small patio awning attached to your recreational vehicle, you can extend the amount of space use and give yourself a breezy place to sit in hot weather. When deciding on an awning, you should also consider the wide variety of material that is available. Most basically, you can get awnings in vinyl or acrylic. Both of these options are attractive and easy to clean, making them highly useful for travel and storage. Some awnings also have a wrap-around weather guard made of aluminum or vinyl; if you travel a lot this can be a good way to make sure that your awning stays in good shape.

RV awnings come in a variety of different formats and levels of technology. From the retro charm of an awning that is propped up with aluminum poles to the more advanced awnings that can automatically roll up, you'll find something that suits you. One thing to consider is what will look best with your RV. A generally pleasing aesthetic can be achieved through matching and complementing colors and materials. If your RV is a light blue, consider an awning in a darker shade of the same color. Mix and match if you want something really fun, but remember you can always trim it later.

Caring for your awning is also extremely simple. Before engaging your vehicle, make sure that all awnings are secured and will not open or fly away as you head down the highway! For most awnings, cleaning is as simple as a soft brush and mild soap and water.

Your RV is a wonderful home away from home; why not maximize the comfort and appeal?