Pros And Cons Of A Metal Awning

If you're interested in adding value or curb appeal to your home or business, you should consider an awning. These shades look attractive, protect the building, and keep damaging sunlight and heat outside where they belong. While the most traditional kind of awning is still that made of canvas, many people are choosing metal awnings instead.

These are more durable than canvas awnings, which need to be replaced every seven to ten years. Your metal awning, made of steel or aluminum, may never need to be replaced. Metal awnings also don't have the problems with fading and mildew that may be found in a canvas awning. They are weather resistant, able to stand up to wind, rain, and snow. This makes them a more attractive choice in harsh environments.

There are some drawbacks of a metal awning, however. Because they are generally rigid, they often cannot be retracted when you'd prefer not to have shade over your window or door. There are some horizontal slat styles that can be rolled up. These have been called less attractive than the rigid kind of metal awning, however.

They cannot be printed with logos as easily as canvas, and they are not available in as wide a range of colors or styles. Metal awnings will also generally cost more for the same size and style products as a canvas awning.

However, the extra cost usually pays for itself with extra longevity. A metal awning will stay with you for years without losing its shape, getting holes in it, or fading. This makes it a good investment if your goal is to add value to your home or business.

Metal awnings do as good a job or better than that of canvas awnings at reflecting away light and heat from your windows and doors, and they provide shelter as well. Metal awnings can be purchased in the usual aluminum or steel, but they are also available in fancy finishes and unusual metals like copper, to match architectural features. A metal awning can help your home stand out from the rest.

Whatever your choice, a metal awning is a wonderful way to make your home look better and lower your cooling bills. Durable and attractive, a metal awning could be the solution to your problems. Find out more about them today by browsing the Internet or looking up your local awning dealer.