Beautiful Awning Choices With Isabella

Awnings by Isabella are a great addition to any camper or Recreational Vehicle. With 50 years in the business you can be sure that when you by an awning from Isabella, you are buying a piece of art.

They offer eight different types of awning for caravans, campers and recreational vehicles that actually give you the added space of an outdoor room that helps protect you from the elements.

Below is a list of the different type of awning that Isabella offers.

Vision- This awning is a jubilee model that shows their vision of the future. It offers campers new spacious surroundings for traveling via caravans all while adding many attractive and practical details.

Forum- This is a large stable pitching awning that has an uncomplicated CarbonX frame that is also a great fit for touring. It is easy to assemble and is perhaps the most spacious awning offered by Isabella with a depth of 350cm.

Penta- the Penta takes care of all the needs of a roomy holiday dwelling. No matter where you go, this awning will be admired for the beautiful design and the distinguishing shape that creates space for all your needs.

Commodore Alpha Royal- This particular awning is 3 meters deep and is great for a quick weekend trip or holiday getaway and can be used as a sited awning. This is extremely lightweight but yet very durable with the CarbonX fiberglass frame.

Commodore Classic- This is the classic of the Isabella with domed front panels that are still a favorite of many people. It offers separate built in ventilation net panels on the sides that help to keep the ventilation good all year long in every season.

Opus- This one was created using many techniques with colors and ideas to make it exciting. It offers large, light window sections with the same double printed ventilation nets.

Ambassador Alpha- With the Alpha look, this awning shows how it can be a great functional, updated, holiday home. It offers a net panel for ventilation on right hand side and two incorporated and adaptable nets for ventilation in the front. This makes this ideal for both permanent touring and pitching.

Enhanced Capri Lux- This offers a CarbonX frame with Zinox or fibremax steel side and front panels that can be removed or drawn. There is a built-in ventilation net panel in right hand side with foil cover.