Thinking About Building A Deck Awning?

Do you have a patio or deck, would you like to spruce it and have protection from the elements as well, then why not consider Deck Awning?

The cost of Deck Awnings can run from 8 feet for $1600 to 20 feet over $3000. However, their energy efficiency statistics make the money you would spend on one more than worth the cost of them. They help keep the heat of the summer from beating down on you while at the same time protecting you from winter's cold winds. By providing the extra protection you will notice a difference in your heating and cooling bills for years to come.

The varieties of styles available are vast and are determined on the home and buyer itself. There are various colors and shapes available from

The availability is as also as wide spread as the styles, there are many manufactures around and you will find even more retailers. You can go to your local hardware store, home improvement shop and of course search the web.

While the resources for installing and maintaining your Deck Awning can be found through a variety of locations, from the dealership, to your local library and even the hardware store.

For a complete list of providers you can search for them using your favorite search engine or look at some of the places I have provided below.

Awnings and Canopies Online Awnings and Canopies at Northern Tool Awning Time Awning Window Chesterfield Awning JCPenney - Awnings Majestic Awnings NuImage Awnings: Awnings & Canopies O'Neal Awning ShadeTree Canopies: Awnings & Canopies SunsetterĀ® Awnings Ventilated Awnings Willard Shutter Company Inc.

There are a few guidelines that you have to be aware of when installing or even shopping for your Deck Awning. The first is that you are only permitted to have one per owner, you should check with your local rules and regulations before purchasing and maybe even looking into a deck awning. You are responsible for all cost concerning the awning and installation, electrical, siding repair, maintenance of the complete awning, motor, cover, and siding. The awning can go past the deck either.