Add Awning Variety With Beautiful Fabric Choices

The most important part of an awning, beyond the design and structure, is the fabric. Fabric is what really makes an awning. There are many kinds of products available to fill this niche, depending on what sort of awning you're planning to make and what conditions you want it to stand up to. Whether you're looking for a building awning, RV awning, retractable awning, or any other awning option, there's a fabric for your needs.

Sunbrella is one of the most popular brands of awning fabric. Sunbrella fabrics are made of one hundred percent acrylic, and are resistant to sun fading. They are water resistant, though not waterproof, and can be purchased with a fire retardant coating. Mildew will not grow on these fabrics unless they are dirty.

The kind of dirt and debris that can promote mildew are easily washed away with bleach, which does not affect the fabric. Routinely hosing off your awning will also help to keep the fabric in good shape. These awning fabrics come in a wide range of bright colors, including classic awning stripes. They can be screen printed with logos to advertise your company or workplace, or simply displayed plain.

For boat awnings, high count polyester marine fabric, such as the Top Gun brand, is a good choice. These fabrics are formulated to retain their colors and strength against outdoor exposure through all seasons.

Rain, wind, and snow cannot crack the special coating that protects this awning fabric. This fabric is also good for awnings on buildings that may see harsh conditions.

Most awning fabrics available on the market are synthetics " either acrylic or polyester. This is because these fabrics stand up to the wear that awnings are subjected to better than natural fabrics. They resist fading, are less flammable, and are more waterproof. Artificial fabrics are also much less likely to mildew. However, some people do still use natural cotton canvas in their awnings. Usually this canvas is treated to be somewhat waterproof and fireproof.

One brand of this kind of fabric is Sunforger, a kind of tent and pavilion canvas. This may be suitable for specific awning uses, such as occasions where people will sit under your awning in bright sun. Natural fabrics are less likely to retain heat, so this might be a use where they are superior to synthetic awning fabrics. For most uses, however, the synthetics are more popular. Whatever awning you want to create, there's an awning fabric to suit your needs.